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Main Street MI

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Welcome to Main Street MI

We are excited to have you join our community! We currently offer locations in downtown Clarkston and downtown Pontiac.

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Please note that at the moment, all tours, day-passes and first-time visits are by appointment only. You can schedule an appointment by visiting or reaching out to us directly at

If you need any assistance please feel free to reach out to us at and a team member will gladly assist you!

Clarkston Location: 21 North Main Street, Clarkston, MI, 48346

Please ensure you include "North" in your GPS as there is also a South Main St. There is free parking directly on the street as well as free parking just south of our building in the city parking lot.

Pontiac Location: 35 West Huron Street, Pontiac, MI, 48342. Located inside the Riker Building.

Please note that we provide free parking in a private lot just south of W. Huron St on Wayne Street.

Reserve Your Space

Photo of Conference Room at 21 - Clarkston

Conference Room at 21 - Clarkston

Ideal for groups up to 8 people, this private conference room includes plenty of workspace, seating and unlimited access to wifi, coffee, water, tea. Please let us know any special needs your group might have…

Photo of MMM Sound Studio - Clarkston

MMM Sound Studio - Clarkston

Our members have reservable access to this one of a kind sound studio. Sponsored by Adam "RANADA" Ranville and MindMuscleMastery, this unique recording room is available to our members for reservation up to 8 hours…

Photo of Brain Storm Lounge - Clarkston

Brain Storm Lounge - Clarkston

The "Brain Storm Lounge" meeting room at 21 is on the ground floor and ideal for group meetings for 2-5 people. This private space has two sliding barn doors to give your group privacy. Please…

Team Tables at "21"

The Team Tables at "21" are located in our communal work area. We can accommodate a maximum of 8-10 people at these tables and 6-8 is most comfortable. Please note, you are reserving a portion…